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Our First and Last Mission

Lekhraj recognizes that that every mind is creative. Our First and Last Mission  is take INDIA as world Leader towards democratizing creativity and innovation . We provide platform, to our people to submit ideas and track their progress right up to implementation. In addition, businesses can put up specific challenges seeking novel ideas and solutions. In short, Our aim is to established platform where ideas are born, brought to logical conclusion and executed for impact.

Experience delicate and beautiful design

Innovation is the only way of life at Lekhraj

It is innovation & well management that will transform us from a small firm to India’s largest private sector enterprises and world largest giant company in coming days.  Lekhraj is always wanted to demonstrate that innovation is its MISSION to SUCSESS. Our innovations touch many facets of human life in India – be it transportation, retail, (civil + electrical) engineering, science & technology, aeronautics & robotics. Our first and last ambitions for Lekhraj and for India push us to create an innovation (R&D) to ensure that our next generations have growth as well as latest technologies.

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